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If you are in your final semester of a PT/PTA program OR if you're within the first five years of your PT or PTA profession, you have the opportunity join the Early Professional Special Interest Group in Nebraska.

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EPSIG Meeting Minutes

Early Professional SIG

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the EPSIG is to enrich early experiences of the new professional by providing mentorship, leadership development, and networking.


EPSIG Officers

Morgan Busboom


Devan Sedlacek


Cara Cameron


Margaret Morehouse


Cortney Kelley


Reana Mulcahy (Lee)


CHI Health

EPSIG Mentors

Laura Bilek


UNMC - PT Education

  • Preferences – Laura is open to in-person or virtual meetings.

Susan G. Borcher


Johnson County Hospital

Susan previously worked for Lincoln Public Schools for 17 years, but now is a school-based PT providing services to children from birth to 21 years of age.

  • Tecumseh & Sterling, NE – Johnson County Hospital which contracts with county for school based PT
  • Specialty – Pediatrics (focus on birth- 3 years old): Routine Based Early Intervention Services, technical assistant to 5 Planning Region Teams which develop training programs and train providers and service coordinators for the NE Department of Education’s Early Development Network.
  • Contact Information – [email protected]

Preferences - Susan believes in getting down to the basics and then moving into mentee interests.  She is currently not meeting in person due to COVID-19.

Judith R. Gelber


Children's Hospital & Medical Center

Judy is the owner of Forward Movement Analysis & Rehabilitation, a cash pay practice in Gretna focusing on the weightlifting, gymnastic and running athlete. She provides non-traditional services, which include fitness modifications, injury mindset, remote programming, group injury prevention, and rehabilitation classes. She was a faculty member at Washington University in St. Louis for 9 years before moving to Nebraska in 2016.

  • Gretna, NE – Forward Movement Analysis & Rehabilitation
  • Specialty – Orthopedic Certified Specialist, Outpatient Neurological Rehabilitation
  • Contact Information – @physio, @judy.gelber
  • Preferences: Forward Movement Mentorship Program
    • Mentorship program is $15.99/month, with an online network and regular professional development meetings
    • Mentorship program includes physio students and young professionals from all across the country 

Robert LeRoy Griese


Chadron Community Hospital

Bobby is a UNMC Graduate: 2002 (Masters) and 2005 (Doctorate).  He practices rural medicine as well as assists with high school and college athletics. He has held many roles in the APTA and is happy to connect about anything regarding patient care or the NE chapter of the APTA.

  • Chadron, NE – Chadron Community Hospital Rehabilitation Department
  • Specialty – Rural Medicine, Sports Medicine, Credentialed CI of APTA
  • Contact Information - [email protected]

Preferences - Open to meeting with mentees for hands on skills or discussions related to clinic or NE Chapter of the APTA.

Gail M. Jensen


Creighton University

Gail works in PT Education focusing on academic leadership, education research, competency-based education, EPAs, qualitative research, clinical reasoning, interprofessional education, and accreditation.

  • Omaha, NE – Creighton University
  • Specialty – involved in APTA Fellowship in Education Leadership
  • Contact information – [email protected]
  • PreferencesGail would be happy to work with a small group if interested, she would like to meet via email or video-conference.

Julie A. Peterson


Creighton Therapy and Wellness

Julie works for Creighton Therapy and Wellness, which is a faculty run practice that is primarily outpatient women’s health

  • Omaha, NE – Creighton Therapy and Wellness
  • Specialty – Women’s Health
  • Contact Information – [email protected]
  • Preferences – Julie is open to working with mentees on their needs and how they learn best. She often provides feedback outside of the room or not in front of the patient unless safety or professionalism is a concern.  She is open to providing hands on skills if the mentee wishes.

Karen Abboud


Clarkson College

Karen is an Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Education at Clarkson College. She has previous experience in skilled nursing facility and home health settings.

  • Omaha, NE – Clarkson College
  • Specialty – Associate Professor, Certified Lymphedema Therapist
  • Contact Information - [email protected]
  • Preferences – Karen is willing to assist with hands on skills and would love to serve as a “go-to” person for new clinicians in both the PT and PTA field in advice in their career, questions related to practice, professionalism, leadership and more!


I have been a physical therapist assistant (PTA) since 2005 and have worked primarily in geriatrics and skilled nursing facilities. I completed training as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist in 2010. I currently teach full time at Clarkson College's PTA program and serve as the Academic Coordinator of Clinical Education. I have been actively involved, at the state and national level, serving on the Executive Committee as the PTA Caucus Representative, for the state, from 2010-2019.

Kimberly Ann Grimes


Clarkson College

Kim currently works at Clarkson College as a PTA instructor 3 days a week. She has previous experience with the adult and geriatric populations in the following settings: acute, rehabilitation, skilled nursing facility, long term care, and inpatient acute care.  

  • Omaha, NE – Clarkson College, PRN home health and outpatient
  • Specialty – Associate Professor, Kinesio Taping, Dementia, resume and cover letter building
  • Contact information – [email protected]
  • Preferences –Kim believes that the mentee should have a lot of freedom to lead the conversation. She is also open to hands on meetings.

Jessica Marie Niemann


Clarkson College

Jessica is the PTA Program Director and an instructor at Clarkson College. She has previous experience in an academic medical center, primarily in the outpatient setting.


  • Omaha, NE – Clarkson College
  • Specialty- Professor, PTA Program Director, outpatient
  • Contact Information – [email protected]
  • Preferences – Jessica is open to in person meetings if interested.